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Post: Russian Post will speed up parcel delivery to Chukotka regions


Russian Post will speed up parcel delivery to Chukotka regions, where they complain about delays

VLADIVOSTOK, January 17 – RIA Novosti. Today, in the sorting center of the Russian Post in Chukotka there is no accumulation of postal items, in which residents complain about the delay in packages; Items will be flown directly from Moscow to Pevek in the north of the region to speed up mail delivery, said Olga Koldysheva, head of the external communications department of the marketing and corporate communications department of the Russian Far East Post Office. the macro zone told RIA Novosti.

On social networks, local residents complain about delays in the delivery of products by the Russian Post. So, in January, one of the buyers showed a screenshot with a tracking package from China, which has been on the road for 168 days since August 2022 at the sorting center in Chukotka. Another local resident reported in December 2022 that mail had not been delivered to the village of Khatyrka since the beginning of November. Another states that he still has not received a package that was delivered to the sorting center in the village of Ugolnye Kopi, where the district airport is located, before the New Year. Many complain that the parcels are stuck there for a long time.

“Today, there is no accumulation of postal shipments in the Ugolnyye Kopi sorting center. We deliver mail by air to most settlements in Chukotka, and there is no alternative to delivery by air. In addition to transportation by regular passenger flights, we also organize charter flights. : Every month from October to December We made an average of 24 cargo charter flights. We delivered 52 tons of mail from the Coal Mines to the regions in December alone.”

He noted that the regularity of air transport is influenced by many factors, such as the weather or the operation of airports. For example, Anadyr Airport was closed from 31 December to 8 January.

“We deliver mail by winter routes whenever possible. Delivery speed depends on road condition, timing of ice gates opening and temperature. In December we transported 26 tons of mail,” said Koldysheva.

According to him, at Pevek airport in the north of Chukotka, 1.5 years of repair of the runway for mainline aircraft was completed and flights to Moscow resumed from there in January.

“We will now be able to deliver a significant amount of mail directly from Moscow to Pevek without interference by small planes from the region. We will deliver 15 tons of mail to Pevek on January 17 with our own cargo plane. It has released small planes to fly to regional hubs, increasing the number of flights – this and it will usually speed up the delivery,” said the interlocutor.

Commenting on the information on social networks about cases of opening parcels at the post office, he added that employees of the Russian Post inspect items at each separation point and, if they find damage to the packaging, take action.

“The customer opens such a package in the office in the presence of a postal worker. If the attachment turns out to be damaged, the customer makes a claim. There was no such claim in Chukotka in the fourth quarter of 2022. Autonomous Okrug,” noted the expert.

The Chukotka government added to RIA Novosti that “as in other regions, there are questions about the work of the Posta”. At the same time, the Autonomous Okrug authorities, together with the ChukotAVIA airline company on behalf of Governor Roman Kopin, provide all possible support in the company’s work.

“Especially during busy periods before the New Year holidays. We are talking about assistance with the arrangement of charter flights, delivery of goods over the Anadyr Estuary and other organizational matters. It provided organizational support to the Russian Post Office, including the regional government, in the construction of a sorting terminal at the Coal Mines,” said the source. .

Source: Ria

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