EconomyWeekly inflation in Russia was 0.15 percent

Weekly inflation in Russia was 0.15 percent


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Rosstat: Inflation in Russia was 0.15 percent in the period of 10-16 January

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MOSCOW, January 18 – RIA Novosti. In the statement made on Wednesday, it was stated that inflation in Russia in the week of January 10-16 was 0.15%, while prices increased by 0.39% since the beginning of the year. Rosstat.

“For the period from January 10 to January 16, 2023, the consumer price index according to Rosstat amounted to 100.15% – 100.39% from the beginning of January,” the publication said.

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In the reporting period, the increase in fruit and vegetable prices, cucumber – 5.4%, onion – 4.5%, tomato – 3.9%, carrot – 3.5%, beet – 2%, 2%, apple – 1.8% including 3%. %, white cabbage – 1.6%, potatoes – 1%, bananas – 0.4%.

Semi-smoked and boiled smoked sausages the most – 1.1%, buckwheat – 1%, boiled sausage – 0.8%, pasta – 0.6%, millet – 0.5%, wheat and noodles with flour – 0.4% fell, chicken eggs and granulated sugar – 0.3%, sausages, sausages – 0.2%, chicken meat, sunflower oil, sterilized milk, rice – 0.1%.

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Also among products (excluding fruits and vegetables), canned vegetables for baby food – 0.5%, canned meat for baby food, margarine, biscuits, black tea – 0.3%, beef, sour cream, table salt – % 0.2, lamb, canned fruit and berries and dry milk mixes for baby food, frozen fish, pasteurized milk, bread and bakery products made from various wheat flour, lunches in canteen, cafe, snack bar – 0.1 %.

Among the non-food primary needs items, dry pet food increased by 0.7%, matches by 0.2%, and newborn diapers, diapers, toothpaste and laundry detergents increased by 0.1%. At the same time, sanitary napkin prices fell by 0.1%.

Among the drugs that Rosstat observed, from January 10 to January 16, Rengalin – 1.1%, Corvalol – 0.5%, nimesulide and multivitamins – 0.4%, combined analgesics – 0.3%, local analgin and ” Ergoferon” – their price has increased. by 0.2%. Prices of “Levomekol” decreased by 0.6%, and Validol prices decreased by 0.3%.

During the week of January 10-16, prices of electronics and white goods increased. Vacuum cleaners and smartphones increased the most with 2.4%, TV with 2.2%.

Prices of domestic passenger cars decreased by 0.1%, while those of foreign cars decreased by 0.2%.

Source: Ria

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