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Post: Abramchenko evaluated the situation with the export of Russian fertilizers


Potassium fertilizers in the warehouse of finished products. archive photo

Deputy Prime Minister Abramchenko: West understood that rejecting Russian fertilizers will end badly

MOSCOW, January 21 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko said in an interview with RIA Novosti that when hostile states began to realize that the rejection of Russian mineral fertilizers would end badly, the West began to soften its rhetoric to restart trade.

“You know, my observations last year regarding mineral fertilizers are as follows: Enemy states, including Russia, have come to realize that it is impossible to refuse mineral fertilizers, it will end badly. There have been some changes.” The rhetoric already outlined in the official positions of unfriendly countries to restart such trade is softening,” he said.

The grain agreement, signed by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN on July 22 last year and automatically renewed in November, covered the export of grain, food and fertilizer to the Black Sea from Ukraine’s three ports, including Odessa. . The deal itself is an integral part of the package deal, which, among other things, unblocks Russia’s exports of food and fertilizers.

While Moscow has received assurances from the UN that restrictions will be lifted, it has repeatedly noted that it is this condition that is not met. For example, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov recently said that Latvia, Estonia and Belgium continue to retain Russian agricultural products at ports, while the resumption of ammonia supply is blocked by Kyiv.

Source: Ria

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