Post: Used car imports through Vladivostok increased by 72 percent

Used car market. archive photo

FCS: Used car imports through Vladivostok up 72% during the year

VLADIVOSTOK, January 23 – RIA Novosti. Vladivostok customs authorities imported more than 197,000 used cars in 2022, 72% higher than in 2021, Vladivostok customs press service reported.

In September, the press secretary of Vladivostok customs, Asya Roshchina, told RIA Novosti that about 21.6 thousand cars for personal use were registered in Primorye in August, which is almost double that in August 2021. In order to speed up the clearance of cars from customs, the staff of inspectors at customs was increased by 2.5 times.

“More than 197,000 used vehicles were issued by Vladivostok customs officers in 2022. Compared to the previous year, the number of vehicles increased by 72 percent,” Vladivostok customs press service said in a statement.

It was noted that the number of cars cleared by customs officers increased rapidly in June, reaching 15,000 in one month. This figure increased even more and reached 28 thousand in November. A slight decrease – to 26 thousand – occurred in December. Mainly used cars of Japanese brands Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Suzuki and Korean manufacturers Hyundai and Kia were imported through Vladivostok customs.

Source: Ria

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