Post: REC: New services for importers launched on the My Export platform

MOSCOW, January 23 – RIA Novosti. According to the Russian Export Center (part of the VEB.RF Group), the My Export platform has launched new services for importers, adding the ability to analyze a contract, get advice on logistics and organize a full shipping cycle.

“Now Russian entrepreneurs engaged in imports can order these services from the Professionals of Export B2B market. It works on the My Export digital platform,” the report says.

“Last year, the Russian Export Center received a mandate to support the import of products necessary for the production of goods and the implementation of investment projects. We expanded the functionality of Export Professionals and 4 services from reliable experts in the field. foreign economic activities were made available to our importers,” he said. Maria Kotovskaya, Director of REC Partner Infrastructure.

According to him, the opportunity to find the necessary suppliers of imported components and equipment for Russian manufacturers appeared in the summer. Now, according to the director, three more services have been launched, with which entrepreneurs can solve the main problems of logistics and legal support.

So, for example, if an entrepreneur wants to minimize or completely cover the legal risks under a contract for the import of products, raw materials, materials, he can resort to the “Analysis of the foreign trade contract” service. The expert will evaluate the terms of a signed document or just an agreement that needs to be concluded and will make recommendations. We are talking about the responsibility of the parties, the payment procedure, the protection of property rights, compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation and much more.

Only entrepreneurs who plan to import goods from abroad can benefit from the “Consultancy from shipping companies” service. The specialist will calculate the cost of cargo transportation, check the restriction on the import of a particular product, calculate the shipping time, and also give advice on documenting the transportation.

After the importer signs a foreign trade contract, a professional can help him organize a full shipping and shipping cycle, as well as related services such as storage, loading and unloading, cargo escort, registration of necessary documents. on.

“Export Professionals” is a market for B2B services where Russian companies can find qualified specialists in the field of foreign economic activity. From their personal account on the My Export platform, companies can choose a partner who will provide them with logistics, legal or marketing services, help them enter the international market and find a foreign buyer or supplier, as well as assist with the certification of goods. Currently, more than 30 services are available in the market in 9 regions, including government support provided by Export Support Centers. Each service is provided according to the approved standard.

Created as part of the national project “International Cooperation and Export”, the “My Export” digital platform provides online access to government and business services accompanying companies’ exports. The platform works from a single point and its services provide a solution to the main tasks at every stage of the export cycle.

Source: Ria

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