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Diesel fuel - RIA Novosti, 1920, 23.01.2023
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Czech analyst: Europe’s cheapest diesel fuel sold in Czech Republic and Bulgaria

PRAGUE, January 23 – RIA Novosti. The cheapest diesel fuel in Europe is currently sold in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, where the average price of a liter is $1.64 and $1.7 respectively, Boris Tomchiak, principal analyst at Prague company Finlord, told RIA Novosti on Monday. .

“Especially in the Czech Republic, the low price of diesel fuel is explained by the fact that the republican government reduced the consumer tax on motor fuel in the middle of last year, which led to a decrease in prices for customers. Six months later, the Cabinet of Ministers restored the consumer tax on gasoline to the previous level, but For comparison, the average cost of a liter of diesel fuel in Germany, for example, is $2.06. Italy – $2.09 and France – $2.11,” said Tomciak.

By contrast, the price of a liter of gasoline in Europe is currently the lowest in Slovenia and Bulgaria, for example, at $1.46, according to the expert. Slightly higher prices in Croatia (1.55), Poland (1.56) and the Czech Republic ($1.65). On the other side of the price tag are Germany (2.02), Italy (2.03), and France and Greece, where petrol is $2.08 a liter.

According to Tomciak, some countries besides the Czech Republic applied for tax incentives in 2022 to lower the price of automotive fuel for consumers. In particular, this was done by the authorities in Italy, Germany and Hungary, who have now returned to their original positions. “I think the Czech Republic should do the same with regard to diesel fuel prices, so as not to loosen the public debt spiral,” Tomciak said. said.

In any case, the expert believes that it can be assumed that the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel in the Czech Republic and some other countries will begin to rise in the near future. “Except for the first week of January this year, the long-term period of their decline seems to be coming to an end,” Tomciak said.

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