Post: Expert says self-banning loans will reduce scammers’ harm

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Expert Lazareva: Self-banning of loans will reduce the damage done by fraudsters to the economy as a whole

MOSCOW, January 24 – RIA Novosti. The head of the People’s Front project, Evgenia Lazareva, said that the opportunity for Russian citizens to self-ban on loans and borrowing will reduce the number of fraudulent thefts and the amount of damage they do to both the population and the economy as a whole. For the Rights of Borrowers”, he told RIA Novosti.

The day before, the press service of the Bank of Russia told the agency that a bill that allows Russian citizens to impose a ban on lending and borrowing through the Gosuslugi portal is being prepared for submission to the State Duma. It is assumed that this mechanism will concern not only the bank in which a person has an account, but also all creditors, and for this, a special ban on credit history will be required.

“We hope that the bill will be discussed as soon as possible, and this year a voluntary self-ban will already apply everywhere. This will reduce the number of fraudulent acts and the amount of damage done to citizens, the financial market and the economy as a whole,” Lazareva said.

He added that self-prohibition on lending and borrowing with the help of “Gosuslug” will allow citizens to solve several problems at once. First, it will limit the possibility of spontaneous, ill-conceived borrowing and lending and borrowing under the influence of social engineering methods.

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“Borrowers succumb to the impulses or persuasion of ill-wishers and take on obligations that they cannot cope with. Voluntary self-restraint provides an opportunity to take a break and review their actions while the preliminary prohibition is revoked,” explained the expert.

Secondly, Lazareva said that the established self-limitation will be displayed in the profile of the borrower and will be visible to all potential lenders. He explained that if the lenders ignore this sign and lend money, in the event of fraud, they will have to bear all the costs of the loss themselves, even if the borrower dictates the codes and transfers this money to the attackers.

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