Post: Gazprombank will stop dollar transfers due to decision of American banks

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Gazprombank due to the decision of American banks to stop transfers of dollars from January 27

MOSCOW, January 24 – RIA Novosti. American banks decided to stop serving Gazprombank’s correspondent accounts in dollars, the bank asked not to make transfers in this currency from January 27, says in a message to a credit institution.

“Due to the unilateral decisions of American financial institutions, Gazprombank’s USD correspondent accounts with JPMorgan Chase Bank and Bank of New York Mellon will be closed. In this context, from January onwards, we ask our customers not to use Gazprombank for cross-border transfers in USD. 27 included”, says message.

It was noted that Gazprombank will continue to provide services for deposits and accounts in dollars, as well as cross-border transfers in other currencies.

The bank added that all obligations to customers are fully fulfilled in all currencies, and natural and legal persons have continuous access to their funds and services.

A source at the bank explained to RIA Novosti that this was a private decision of the banks and not related to sanctions or SWIFT disconnection. However, due to this decision, the bank can no longer make transfers in dollars within the country.

Source: Ria

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