Post: China becomes the leader in imports of new passenger cars to Russia

Cars in the official dealer center Chery shopping center “Kuntsevo”. archive photo

FCS: In 2022, China leads the way in imports of new passenger cars into Russia

MOSCOW, January 25 – RIA Novosti. At the end of 2022, China became the leader among the countries importing cars to Russia: new car imports from China increased by 40% during the year, exceeding 117,000 units, the Federal Customs Service told RIA Novosti.

“In 2022, the largest number of cars were imported from China. In total, more than 117,000 new cars were imported, almost 40% more than last year,” the ministry said.

According to data published by the Avtostat analytical agency in January, sales of new passenger cars in Russia in 2022 amounted to 626.3 thousand units, down 59% compared to the previous year. About 30% of this amount fell to domestic brands, followed by Korean brands with a total sales share of 19.5% in Russia.

Chinese manufacturers closed the top three: they accounted for 19.2% of new passenger car sales. They surpassed the Europeans, who occupied 18.5% of the Russian market last year.

Source: Ria

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