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Post: Silver jewelry sales increased in Russia


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“Sokolov”: sales of silver jewelry in Russia increased by a quarter

MOSCOW, January 25 – RIA Novosti. According to information received from the jewelery company Sokolov to RIA Novosti, sales of silver jewelry in Russia increased by more than a quarter during the year, while St. Petersburg was the only city in the country that showed a negative trend.

“In 2022, sales of piece silver jewelry in Russia increased by 25.7% compared to 2021. The drivers of growth were the regions – the leaders in terms of silver sales growth Rostov-on-Don (+292.1%), Chelyabinsk ( +287%, 5), Perm (+182.6%), Ufa (+165.0%) and Tyumen (+146.0%) silver sales increased by only 1% in Moscow, while St. Petersburg was the only city to show a negative trend ( – 2.6 percent compared to last year,” he said.

It was noted that the months with the highest silver purchases for Russians in 2022 are March and August, while April and May are the months when the probability of buying silver is the lowest. Generally, silver chains (29%), earrings (25%), rings (22%), bracelets (7%), necklaces and pendants (4%) were purchased the most throughout the country.

“Russians prefer silver jewelry without inserts (50%), one-third silver jewelry with cubic zirconia, 19% with semi-precious stones. About 2% of Russians prefer silver jewelry with precious stones. Saratov likes gemstones more than others, ” in the company added.

At the same time, the average check for silver jewelry increased by 4% compared to 2021, amounting to 1,560 rubles. The highest average check was recorded in Irkutsk (1,808 rubles), and the least was spent on silver in Omsk (1,371 rubles) and Volgograd (1,384 rubles). A sharp increase in the average check for silver is also noted in Kazan (+19%), Samara (+16%) and Yekaterinburg (+13%).

Source: Ria

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