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Post: Dealers talked about a possible shortage of cars in Russia


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Dealers say that European cars will not disappear in Russia, but the deficit will remain

MOSCOW, January 25 – RIA Novosti. New Asian – Japanese, Korean – and European cars in the mass segment will not completely disappear from the Russian market: there is a demand for them, and dealers have developed alternative supply channels; However, interviewed representatives of the auto retailer told RIA Novosti that a serious shortage will remain.

“It is impossible not to mention the complete disappearance of such mass-produced cars from Russian car dealerships, there is a demand for popular models. Many dealers have created alternative supply channels, although it is less profitable to carry the serial segment in parallel. More imports than the premium one, ”said the Russian Auto Dealers Association by answering a question about collective car brands, primarily Renault, Kia, Hyundai and Toyota.

Alexei Starikov, Deputy General Manager for New Car Sales of Avilon AG, also confirmed to RIA Novosti that foreign cars in the bulk segment do not tend to disappear from the Russian market. Especially for Hyundai brand, there are enough stocks from the whole model range in warehouses, for different models the warehouse is 3-5 months of trade.

“Kia brand car stocks are also sufficient, they will last 4-5 months. Also, Avilon AG is carrying 250 cars of this brand for parallel imports in February.”

In turn, Rolf’s new car sales manager Maxim Zlatokrylets noted that previously officially delivered Hyundai and Kia cars are running out of stock. “However, due to the greater production of these brands in the world, there is an opportunity to replenish warehouses through alternative supply channels. Today, Rolf has more than three months of sales for both brands. I am confident that we will always be able to meet Customer demand in the future,” said Rolf.

According to Andrey Terlyukevich, managing director of the AvtoSpetsCentre Group of Companies, the dealership has almost all working car models, but remains in the open B and C segments. He also announced that there is a shortage of sedans in the automotive market, worth up to 2 million rubles.

Source: Ria

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