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Post: To increase the cultivated area in the Lipetsk region to 1.4 million hectares


Governor of the Lipetsk Region Igor Artamonov

LIPETSK, January 25 – RIA Novosti. Governor Igor Artamonov said that in 2023, farmers of the Lipetsk region will increase the area sown for all main crops – in general, the total crop area on farms of all categories will be 1.4 million hectares.

He stated that approximately 500 thousand hectares of arable land will be given 35 thousand hectares more than the previous period for spring cereals and legumes this year. Spring wheat and barley will be planted 7%, peas – 2.4 times more. It is planned to allocate 2.1 times more area for legumes this year compared to 2022.

Artamonov also noted that due to the increasing demand for sugar beet and oilseed products, the area planted for almost all major industrial crops will increase significantly. They plan to plant 536 thousand hectares. This is almost 30 thousand hectares more than last year. Sugar beet and sunflower crops will increase by 7%. The area planted with soybeans will grow by 11%.

“Real professionals work in the agro-industrial complex, who never let us down. I am sure that in the coming year Lipetsk farmers will be able to show good results and provide food to residents of the region and other regions.” governor notes.

He added that the cultivation of potatoes and vegetables in open ground will remain at the level of 2022 – 24 thousand hectares and 5.6 thousand hectares, respectively. 60,000 hectares will be planted with forage crops, which corresponds to last year’s level.

Source: Ria

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