Post: REC will assist exporters of “Made in Russia” goods to promote products

MOSCOW, January 26 – RIA Novosti. The manager of the expert support center said that Russian companies that have obtained the “Made in Russia” / Made in Russia voluntary certificate will be helped to promote their products in national online stores, agricultural products showrooms abroad, and joint brand projects will be presented. Russian Export Center (part of VEB group .RF) Milan Mambetova.

“The Russian Export Center has begun to issue Made in Russia certificates. The first exporters have already received birds for products under the updated rules. Voluntary Made in Russia certificate is not only a way to once again confirm the quality, but also Mambetova, under the “umbrella” of the country brand It promotes priority markets,” he said.

He added that this includes B2B promotion based on the Made in Russia catalog in priority markets, special advertising campaigns for program participants, product profile branding in REC national online stores and much more.

The manufacturer of any non-commodity product can participate in the “Made in Russia” program and become the holder of the voluntary certificate of the same name. The main condition is that the company manufactures or supplies products with improved quality characteristics or improved properties. You must confirm compliance with accredited organizations that are partners of the “Made in Russia” voluntary certification system. Organic origin, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, reliability – these four advanced characteristics of domestic products are promoted under the “umbrella” country brand “Made in Russia” / Made in Russia.

You can apply to participate in the program and get a “Made in Russia”/Made in Russia “bird” on the REC website.

The Made in Russia program was developed by the Russian Export Center as part of the tasks of the International Cooperation and Export national project and is promoted in partnership with the Roscongress Foundation.

Source: Ria

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