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Post: The Ministry of Economic Development estimated the average dollar rate in 2023


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First Deputy Minister Torosov: MED expects the average dollar rate to be 70 rubles in 2023

MOSCOW, January 30 – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Economic Development expects the average exchange rate of the dollar to be 70 rubles per dollar this year, the weakening of the national currency plays, among other things, the restoration of imports, he said in an interview with the newspaper “NewsIlya Torosov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Asked what the ministry predicts for the ruble in 2023, Torosov replied, “We expect an exchange rate of about 70 rubles per dollar, roughly the same as it is now.”

“A wider range, on average for the year, is 68-72 rubles. The weakening of the ruble is played out by the recovery of imports, including parallel imports. In addition, oil and gas revenues objectively decreased, that is, the flow of dollars entering the economy decreased,” added the Deputy Minister.

According to him, the level of 70 rubles per dollar is the balance of the economy. “60 categorically does not suit exporters – then their business becomes unprofitable. In addition, the budget suffers from a strong ruble with less revenue,” he added.

According to the previous estimate of the Ministry of Economic Development, the average dollar rate for the year is expected to be 68.3 rubles per dollar.

Maxim Reshetnikov, head of the Ministry of Economic Development, said in early January that the ministry will present updated macro forecast data for the current and subsequent years in March-April.

Source: Ria

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