EconomyWeekly inflation rises in Russia

Weekly inflation rises in Russia


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Rosstat: Inflation in Russia rose to 0.21 percent from January 24 to January 30

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MOSCOW, February 1 – RIA Novosti. Inflation in Russia from January 24 to January 30 rose to 0.21% from 0.14% a week ago, consumer prices have increased by 0.74% since the beginning of the year. data rosstat.

“For the period from January 24 to January 30, 2023, the consumer price index according to Rosstat stood at 100.21 percent – 100.74 percent from the beginning of January,” the document said.

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In the reporting week, the increase in fruit and vegetable prices accelerated to 3.5% from 3% in the previous week. Onion prices increased by 7.8%, cucumbers by 7.6%, carrots by 3.4%, tomatoes by 2.8%, bananas by 2.3%, potatoes by 2%, beets by 1.4% and cabbage by 1.3%. , apples – by 1%.

Price reductions were recorded in 12 items from 33 product positions (excluding fruit and vegetables). The price of buckwheat fell the most – by 1.35%. Next comes canned meat, which has become 0.57% cheaper for baby food. Chicken meat, tea and rice prices decreased by 0.3 percent, egg and sugar prices decreased by 0.2 percent, and salt prices decreased by 0.1 percent.

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The prices of 19 kinds of products increased and most importantly, semi-smoked and boiled-smoked sausage increased by 0.81%. In addition, the price of canned vegetables for baby food and pasta increased by 0.6%, lamb, cottage cheese 0.3%, dry milk formulas for baby food – 0.2%, beef, frozen fish, milk , margarine, sunflower oil , canned fruits and berries for baby food, rye bread, flour, noodles – at a rate of 0.1%. The cost of millet and pork did not change.

Among the non-food essentials, matches lead the way in terms of cost increase – up 0.9% in price for the week from January 24 to January 30. The price of toilet paper also increased – 0.49%, washing powder – 0.31%, the price of dry pet food – 0.21%. At the same time, diaper prices fell by 0.4%.

Prices for household appliances and electronics fell during the reporting week. Thus, TV prices fell by 1.15%, smartphones by 1.33% and vacuum cleaner prices by 0.46%. Domestic and foreign passenger car prices did not change much.

For the period from January 24 to January 30, Rosstat recorded an increase in prices for many drugs, which were observed in weekly dynamics, except analgin – the price fell by 0.02%. Allohol added the most as price – 0.56%. Validol, Corvalol, cough medicine “Rengalin” and antiviral “Ergoferon” 0.2%, multivitamins – 0.1% more expensive.

The cost of flying in an economy class cabin rose 4.18% after rising 0.86% in the previous reporting week.

Source: Ria

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