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Post: Sberbank talked about the most extraordinary commitments of 2022


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Sberbank: in 2022, companies wanted to lay a kennel and a rural dance floor

MOSCOW, February 2 – RIA Novosti. According to analysts at Sberbank’s collateral service, last year Russian companies tried to bail the bank on several unusual items, including a doghouse, life-size dinosaur figures, equipment for a flight to the moon and a rural dance floor. RIA Novosti.

“These are space equipment for the Soviet Moon manned flight program, life-size dinosaur figures, apple and rose seedlings, oyster mushrooms, a kennel as part of a property complex, and a rural dance floor,” the analysts said. Objects offered as pledge to the bank in 2022.

The most expensive collateral object in 2022 is a block of shares with a value of more than 500 billion rubles, and the cheapest is shares in the authorized capital of limited companies at a kopeck value.

And analysts considered rabbits, goats and deer the cutest objects of collateral. Farm animals make up 1% of Sberbank’s collateral portfolio. This category is mainly represented by cattle.

“Although there may be more than 25,000 cows on a large farm, each one has a nickname. As the research revealed, the most popular cow names are Milka, Nochka, Squirrel, Daisy and cow names. The rarest are Gadya, Lyzheboka, Trickster, Fickle” added the credit agency.

Source: Ria

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