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Post: Kyrgyz whiskey maker to issue a gift bottle to Lavrov


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Ayu company can produce gift bottles for Kyrgyz whiskey producer Lavrov

BISHKEK, 2 February – RIA Novosti. The representative of the Ayu producer, Indira Malayalieva, told RIA Novosti that the Kyrgyz whiskey producer Ayu can produce a unique gift bottle and present it to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In an interview with Russia 24 TV channel and RIA Novosti on Thursday, Lavrov said that he has not yet tried the Russian whiskey Praskoveiskoye served to him because Kyrgyz whiskey is now his priority.

“This is a classic blended whiskey. To feel and enjoy its taste, it is better not to mix it with any drink. In general, it is better not to add even ice,” said Malayalieva.

The company was pleasantly surprised when the Russian Foreign Minister mentioned their drink in an interview, according to Malayalieva.

“We can only guess how our drink got to the minister. We often present our whiskey at various international events. Perhaps it was presented to Mr. Lavrov there,” the company representative said.

Malayaliyeva added that the company would be happy to present its products to the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Now we’re thinking about how we’re going to do it. Maybe we’ll launch a unique gift bottle. Three and five-year-old whiskeys are on sale now, but there will be a seven-year-old whiskey in the near future.” See – we will present it to Mr. Lavrov as well,” he stressed.

The price of a three-year-old Kyrgyz Whiskey in Kyrgyz retail chains starts at $ 7 for a 0.75 ml bottle. Five years old – from 10 dollars.

Source: Ria

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