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Post: Investor confidence boosts local shares by AED 30 billion


Youssef Al Bustanji (Abu Dhabi)

The financial markets of the United Arab Emirates increased investor confidence in their performance in the last week, after having managed to recover supported by domestic capital, which dominated the market and achieved gains in the market value of companies. It is listed on the country’s two financial markets for AED 30 billion, bringing the total market value of the two markets to AED 3.125 trillion based on yesterday’s closing prices, according to statistics released by Abu Dhabi and Dubai. markets.
Data shows that domestic investors increased their holdings of shares listed on the Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets by around AED 147 million, with net purchases of which AED 114.5 million were on the capital markets, Abu Dhabi and around 32, 5 million dirhams on the stock market. Dubai financial market amid transactions totaling AED 9.4 billion.

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Abu Dhabi Market
The Abu Dhabi stock exchange ended yesterday’s session in the “green zone”, up 0.758% on the general market index, with transactions worth 1.242 million dirhams.
During the week, the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange reached a market cap of AED 22 billion, bringing the market value of listed companies to AED 2.537 trillion at yesterday’s close, up from AED 2.515 trillion last time, at 2.515 trillion. last week
The general market index rose nearly 2%, closing Friday’s trading session at 9,931 points, compared to 9,737.6 points at the end of the previous week.
The Abu Dhabi General Market Index received significant support from the telecoms sector, which was up 8.3% for the week, the financials sector, which was up nearly 1%, and the energy sector, which was also up. 1.08%.
During the last week, the market registered 70,566 transactions in five sessions, through which more than 1.07 billion shares were traded, with a total value of 8 billion dirhams.
The result of weekly trading was that 39 companies closed from last week’s prices, while 34 companies fell in price and 25 companies managed to close flat with no change in the market share price. .
Market data shows there has been an active influx of domestic investors over the past week, increasing their purchases of listed stocks.
While the share of foreign investors in trade increased to almost 30%, equivalent to Dh2.5 billion, of the total value of trade for the week, the trade income recorded Dh114.5 million in net purchases for domestics.
According to the data, Gulf investors continued to sell for the second consecutive week as its trading receipts amounted to AED43 million in net sales, while foreign Arab investors also posted similar net gains of AED57 million. Also Arab investors with net sales of AED 16 million.

dubai market
In yesterday’s session, the Dubai financial market recorded a rise of 0.52% in the general index and closed at 3,382.9 points.
In the last week, the overall index increased by around 54 points, which is equivalent to an increase of 1.6%, and the value of transactions in the Dubai financial market was around AED 1.4 billion, and the stock market closed at 588.3 billion. dirhams, an increase of around MAD 8 billion from the companies’ annual market value, which was MAD 580 billion the week before.
Market data shows that the value of purchases of foreign stocks during the week amounted to about AED 817.67 million, accounting for about 58.58% of the total value of purchases, while the value of sales of foreign stocks in the same period amounted to about 850.21 million. dirhams, which is Sales of 60.91% of the total value of purchases and net foreign investment as a result of these events amounted to approximately Dh32.53 million, sales revenue.
On the other hand, the value of shares bought by institutional investors last week amounted to around AED 929.43 million, which represents 66.59% of the total traded value, on the other hand, the value of shares sold by institutional investors during the same period. amounted to approximately Dh1,045 million, representing 74.9% of the total value of the deal, resulting in net institutional investments during the period amounting to approximately Dh116.03 million, sales income.

Source: Al Ittihad

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