Expert explains how Europe will determine who should freeze without gas

Gas station near Warsaw - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20/05/2022
Gas station near Warsaw. archive photo

Expert Yushkov: Brussels has no way of forcing some EU members to sell their gas to others

MOSCOW, May 20 – RIA Novosti. If gas supplies from Russia to Europe are cut off completely, prices will rise well above current levels and shortages will deepen. There is no effective way to force some EU members to sell their gas to others, Brussels told the agency.hit the primerLead analyst of the National Energy Security Fund (FNEB) Igor Yushkov.

He reminded that there is no free gas volume in the world today, therefore, if some countries refuse to buy it from Russia, then other sources are needed. For example, Poland, which stopped buying gas directly from Russia, increased its purchase volume from Germany.

The European Commission is discussing the possibility of forcing countries with a large share of gas from alternative suppliers to sell to those more dependent on Russia, but there is no effective leverage for this. In the summer, countries can do this voluntarily, but in the winter, Yushkov believes, this is unlikely.

“What will the Germans themselves consume? Do the Germans have to freeze so the Poles don’t? And it’s a shaky foundation. Who will decide how long the Germans will freeze and the Poles will not? Where is this line of justice? There is no legal basis for this,” Yushkov summarized.

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