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Post: Mintsifra makes recent changes to the law on fines for data breaches


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Mintsifra: bill endorsement penalties for data leaks at final regulatory stage

MOSCOW, February 6 – RIA Novosti. Minister Maksut Shadayev said that the development of a draft law on turnover penalties for companies that leak personal data is in the final stage of regulation, the main task is to determine a mechanism for issuing compensation to victims of leaks. State Duma.

“We are already making the final corrections … with everyone, with lawmakers, with IT staff … The main challenge is to propose a mechanism to manage the return of victims,” ​​Shadayev said. development of a bill on returning countries for the leakage of personal data.

According to the news on the Kremlin website, in mid-January, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to consider imposing turnover penalties on companies that leaked personal data. Deadline – July 1, 2023; Responsible – Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

At that time, the Ministry of Digital Development noted that the draft law on turnover penalties was being prepared and all proposals received were being evaluated. In December last year, the department recommended that a fine be commensurate with the amount of data entering the network for the first breach and negotiable for the second breach. Now the maximum fine for a business for data leakage is 500 thousand rubles.

At the end of November, Shadayev announced that the Ministry of Digital Development is proposing to introduce a rule that one of the main factors mitigating the turnover penalty for a company that leaks personal data would be compensation for at least two-thirds of their turnover. affected citizens

Source: Ria

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