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Post: First batch of Russian fertilizers reaches Malawi


Granular potash fertilizers. archive photo

Agriculture Minister Kavale: First batch of Russian fertilizer reaches Malawi

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. The country’s Minister of Agriculture, Sam Kavale, told RIA Novosti that the first batch of Russian fertilizers arrived in Malawi on Monday, with a new batch expected on Tuesday.

Last week, the Uralchem ​​group announced that the first batch of 20,000 tons of mixed fertilizer has been unloaded at the port of Beira, Mozambique and is ready to be transported to its final destination, Malawi.

“It’s good that the first batch of fertilizer started arriving yesterday. We expect to get even more trucks today because these are the top four and a lot of trucks are coming,” Kavale said.

As he stated, if all goes well in Malawi, they expect all fertilizers to reach the country in the next 10-20 days.

“With the arrival of these fertilizers, we expect many farmers to produce much-needed food,” Kavale said.

Malawi’s Minister of Agriculture expressed hope that 400,000 farmers in the country will receive the fertilizer provided.

At the end of November 2022, the Uralchem ​​group announced that more than 260,000 tons of fertilizers, which it was ready to supply to African countries free of charge, were blocked at European ports. Uralchem’s co-owner, Dmitry Mazepin, announced that the company was facing the inability to pay the freight alone due to restrictive measures, but agreed to help the UN. Then, UN Secretary General’s representative, Stephane Dujarric, announced that the first batch of fertilizer from Russia was sent to Malawi.

Source: Ria

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