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Post: REC: CPEs of Moscow, Omsk and Smolensk regions became the best of 2022


MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. According to the Russian Export Center (part of the VEB.RF group), the export support centers of the Moscow region, Omsk and Smolensk regions were the best in the REC rating in 2022.

“The Russian Export Center has prepared a rating of regional Export Support Centers (ETMs) according to the results of 2022. The top 10 regions include: Moscow Region (unchanged from last year), Omsk Region (+1 location compared to 2021), Smolensk region ( +10 positions), Kaluga region (+3 positions).

This is followed by the Republic of Bashkortostan (-3 places), Krasnodar Territory (+20 places), Sverdlovsk Region (-2 places), Samara Region (no changes), Ivanovo Region (+5 places), closing the top ten Ryazan Region (+ 6 positions) .

“I would like to thank the top 10 regions in supporting small and medium-sized companies for their outstanding performance in such a difficult year for everyone. The rating clearly reflects how effective support for exporters has been and affecting their distribution. REC’s Regional Export Support Infrastructure “Federal funding for CPE across regions for the next period,” said Development Director Natalya Minaeva.

According to him, “the struggle for higher positions in the ranking motivates CPE to pay close attention to expanding its customer base, providing higher quality services and planning its activities in the medium term.”

The top ten export support centers were awarded at the All-Russian Export Support Infrastructure Conference on February 7 in Arkhangelsk.

Since the beginning of February 2019, the REC has been acting as a representative of the government of the Russian Federation for methodological and informational support of the CPE.

Source: Ria

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