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Post: Britain expands sanctions list on Russia


Britain imposes sanctions on 15 people and organizations in Russia

MOSCOW, February 8 – RIA Novosti. The United Kingdom imposed sanctions against 15 individuals and legal entities affiliated with the Russian Federation. list published on the British government website.

The new sanctions list includes eight natural persons and seven legal persons.

The sanctions particularly affected Zala Aero, the Russian developer and manufacturer of drones.

“Zala Aero Group is a Russia-based unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer. It manufactures a number of UAVs that are widely used in Ukraine by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,” the document states.

According to a document published on the British government’s website, the UK’s sanctions against the Russian Federation will also affect the companies Rostekhkomplekt, Oboronlojistik, Topaz, Universalmash factory.

It is stated that the “sanctions put into effect today” are against organizations that the Russian Federation forces rely on. The list that British officials say are what these organizations do include: CST, Rostekhkomplekt, Oboronlojistik, Universalmash, Lipetsk and Topaz.

Also, the sanctions affected the Moskomsvyaz company.

Aleksey Repik, Chairman of the R-Pharm group of companies, was included in the UK’s next list of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Sergey Rudnov, listed as the owner of Regnum media in the document, Nikolai Egorov, listed as the owner of Energy.Commonwealth.Success, Svetlana Krivonogikh, named shareholder of Rossiya Bank, Viktor Myachin also fell under the new British sanctions. , listed as owner of Aerostart company.

The British government said in a statement that Yevgeny Shkolov, the former vice-president of the Russian Federation and the current deputy chairman of the board of directors of JSC SO UES, fell under British sanctions.

“Today also came under sanctions: Yevgeny Shkolov, former vice president and deputy chairman of the board of the Joint Energy System JSC System Operator,” the statement said.

The new British sanctions affected the Russian President’s Commissioner, Boris Titov, responsible for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs.

According to the statement on the British government’s website, Titov was affected by the new restrictions, as well as his son, Delovaya Rossiya NGO head Pavel Titov.

In total, the UK has imposed sanctions on more than 1.3 thousand people and companies linked to Russia.

Source: Ria

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