Post: Titov commented on the imposition of British sanctions against him

Boris Titov. archive photo

Titov: British sanctions will not affect work, but all is not well in the Kingdom

MOSCOW, February 8 – RIA Novosti. Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights, Boris Titov, spoke about the sanctions that Britain imposed on him on Wednesday: This will not affect his work, but all is not well in the British kingdom.

“If they reached out to the Ombudsmen – the defenders, it means that everything is not well in the British kingdom. This will not affect my work in any way. By the way, as before, I will protect the business from the authorities, including the British, if their rights are violated ” , said Titov to RIA Novosti.

“And if it’s about wine, then in 2021 Abrau in London got the highest award among growing wineries, so we make good wine. Now, of course they can take it back, but the wine won’t get any worse!” Additional.

The new British sanctions affected the Russian President’s Commissioner, Boris Titov, responsible for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs.

According to the statement on the British government’s website, Titov was affected by the new restrictions, as well as his son, Delovaya Rossiya NGO head Pavel Titov.

Russia’s largest producer of sparkling wine, Abrau-Durso Group of Companies, increased its revenue (excluding excise tax) by 15% compared to the previous year to a record 10.15 billion rubles in 2021, according to the results of the company’s management. reports. “Abrau-Dyurso” specifically includes the sparkling wine factory of the same name, the Krasnodar resort “Abrau-Dyurso Wine Tourism Center”, vineyards and the Vedernikov winery. The main owners of the company are the Titov family.

Source: Ria

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