Post: Russia and Bolivia begin reconciliation on their national currencies

Flag of Bolivia Archive photo

Ledenev, Russian Ambassador to Bolivia, spoke about the ruble and opening accounts in Bolivia

BUENOS AIRES, February 14 – RIA Novosti. In an interview with RIA Novosti, Russian Ambassador to this Latin American country, Mikhail Ledenev, said that Russia and Bolivia have begun to reconcile in terms of national currencies, which greatly facilitates the work of Russian companies under sanctions.

“With the participation of the embassy, ​​interbank cooperation is actively developing. Last year, a series of video conferences was held between the leadership of the central banks of the two countries. As a result, direct correspondent accounts in rubles and Bolivia were opened. Between Gazprombank and Union, the largest state bank of Bolivia,” he said.

The diplomat stressed the importance of this agreement.

“This is important because financial transactions can now be carried out directly in national currencies. This is already facilitating the work of Russian companies in the market.”

Source: Ria

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