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Post: Media: Berlin plans to simplify the sale of Rosneft’s stake in the refinery in Schwedt


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Reuters: Berlin plans to simplify sale of Rosneft’s stake in Schwedt refinery

BERLIN, February 16 – RIA Novosti. The agency said the German government plans to amend the energy security law to make it easier to sell Rosneft’s stake in the Schwedt refinery. Reuters Referring to the draft of the Ministry of Economy of the country.

“The federal government is laying the groundwork for the rapid sale of Rosneft shares in Russia’s Schwedt refinery. When it comes to assets under trust (external – ed.) management in companies, there should be the possibility of a direct transfer in the future,” the agency writes.

Reuters states that the bill eliminates the need to nationalize an asset that comes under the effective control of the government if its sale is necessary to ensure the safety and functioning of the country’s energy sector.

Rosneft owns a 54.17% stake in the refinery in Schwedt.

On September 16, the German government transferred Rosneft Deutschland and RN Refining & Marketing GmbH to the control of the German Federal Network Agency. In this way he took control of shares in three refineries: PCK in Schwedt, Miro in Karlsruhe and Bayernoil in Vogburg. In October, it became known that Rosneft tried to appeal this decision through lawyers. The Federal Administrative Court upheld the case.

The Schwedt plant supplies petroleum products to most of the eastern part of Germany, including Berlin Airport.

Source: Ria

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