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Post: New FPV resident will mine alluvial gold in Chukotka


Gold mine. archive photo

“Volkos” received resident status for the development of a placer gold deposit in Chukotka

VLADIVOSTOK, February 17 – RIA Novosti. Volkos company received the resident status of Vladivostok free port (FPV) to develop a placer gold deposit in the Chaunsky district of Chukotka, the venture is scheduled to launch in 2024, the regional government reported.

Evgeny Kostenko, General Manager of Volkos LLC, said: “It is planned to start mining in 2024. The gold-containing concentrate, whose production volume will be over 20 kilograms per year, will be sold to Russian refineries.” .

Under an agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, the volume of investments will be 137.1 million rubles, the funds will be used to purchase machinery, equipment and construct modular buildings. The company will create 25 jobs, by 2031 the staff will be increased to 55 employees.

There are three preferential regimes in Chukotka: ASEZ “Chukotka”, FPV and the Arctic region of the Russian Federation. According to officials, 94 residents invested 100 billion rubles in the regional economy, creating more than 3,000 jobs. 34 initiatives were launched in subsoil use, agriculture, fish processing, logistics and transport and other areas.

Source: Ria

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