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Post: Siluanov sought priority of budget expenditures in 2023


Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. archive photo

Siluanov describes technological dominance as a priority for budget spending in 2023

MOSCOW, February 17 – RIA Novosti. In an interview with Russia, the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov said that technological independence is Russia’s main priority in terms of spending in 2023, the budget funds will also be used to develop and support infrastructure, new regions, a power block and business. TV channel”Russia 24“.

“What spending priorities do we have for the current year? First of all, this, of course, is technological independence: we are diverting large resources to sectors of the economy that need support, and I would say renewal, because these are sectors such as electronics, aircraft industry, mechanical engineering. “It is something that needs to be created. Budget support is given for this,” he said.

The minister added that large budget expenditures will go towards infrastructure. “We continue, I want to say right away, we are not reducing, but somewhere we are even increasing the volume of infrastructure spending. This is a big program, a new program for the modernization of housing and communal services, including road construction.” . “About 150 billion rubles,” he said.

According to him, large projects are also envisaged in terms of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises using the so-called clustering approach. preferences. “Starting with aid and ending with subsidizing loan interest and providing demand for finished products. This is very important for our entrepreneurs,” the minister said.

“Of course, we cannot ignore a number of social decisions taken by the president last year and entered into force this year. Last year, decisions were made regarding the additional indexation of pensions and social benefits. For families with children, this is a lot of resources. 2.7 trillion rubles a year we have a budget for children. Everything requires additional funding and of course all of this will be provided as a priority,” said Siluanov.

In addition, the needs of the power bloc and new regions will be met – “the necessary funding is provided for this.” “Therefore, the necessary financing is provided to the priorities determined before. Additional needs arise this year – we also have the resources to maneuver and we will do this this year. Therefore, the most important thing is “The budget balance is planned, it falls on the open plan, we do not go beyond its parameters,” he said. .

Source: Ria

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