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Post: “Sandwich” increased by 3.4 points in the first half of February


Sandwich with melted cheese. archive photo

“Sandwich” in the second half of January rose to 108.6 points

MOSCOW, February 19 – RIA Novosti. The coffee with sandwich index (“Sandwich”), which reflects the picture of the consumption of popular breakfast foods by Russians, rose 3.4 points to 108.6 points in the first half of February.

The index was developed by RIA Novosti based on data provided exclusively to the institution by experts from the major analytical resource Check Index. For his calculation, the “basket” contained seven products – frequent guests at the morning table of Russians: loaf (400 grams), ham (200 grams), butter (180 grams), cheese (200 grams), cucumbers (500 grams), instant coffee ( 95 grams), sugar (1 kilogram).

For items from this consumer “cart”, “Index Slip” analysts regularly calculate aggregated impersonal sales indicators (average invoice). 100 base points were taken as the “Coffee and Sandwich Index” value for the period 1-15 October 2022. Its variation corresponds to the arithmetic mean of the dynamics of the average check for each of the seven products.

In the period from February 1 to February 15, the average bill increased for cucumbers (22% increased to 273 rubles), long loaves (3% increased to 30 rubles), sugar (2% increased to 57 rubles), coffee. (1% up to 170 rubles). It decreased for cheese (up 2% at 155 rubles), ham (up 1% at 121 rubles) and butter (up 1% at 133 rubles).

Thus, the index increased by 3.4 points compared to the second half of January and rose to 108.6 points.

According to “Chek Index” analysts, cucumbers showed the largest increase in the average check, due to the sharp increase in the cost of seasonal harvesting in domestic greenhouses in December-February.

Source: Ria

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