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Post: Ukraine says it will take 35 years to repay EU loans


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Deputy Finance Minister Zykova: Ukraine will spend 35 years to repay loans granted by the EU

MOSCOW, February 22 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Finance Minister Olga Zykova said that Ukraine has committed to repay the loans granted to it within 35 years under an agreement with the EU, and that they plan to repay the loans in “strictly uniform” parts.

“The EU side provides conditions such that the loan repayment period is 35 years and the interest is covered by our European partners instead of Ukraine. This is an example of how sympathetic the partners are to our country’s debt burden,” Zykova said. Said by UNN. .

He noted that the distribution of the return on loans provided by the partners is planned “absolutely even”. According to the official, Ukraine expects both grant and loan funding this year and is working to have a similar rate as last year. Zykova announced that in 2023, 10 billion dollars will be provided to Ukraine in the form of grants.

Source: Ria

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