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Post: Inflation slows in 30 countries in 2022


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Inflation slows in 2022 in 30 countries, mostly in Venezuela

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. According to the calculations of RIA Novosti, inflation slowed down only in 30 countries of the world last year, the strongest in Venezuela – from 686% to 234%.

There was a major slowdown in inflation in Sudan, where inflation fell by more than 230 percentage points, and in Lebanon, where prices slowed growth by 102 percentage points. Cuba (-38 percent) and Angola (-13 percent) also took part in the slowing price increase.

In 2022, when inflation slowed down by 4.8 points among G20 countries, only Brazil and the USA, with a decrease of 0.6 points, recorded a decrease in price increase.

The only EU countries where inflation slowed were Spain (-0.8% percentage points) and among the post-Soviet countries – Georgia (-4.1% points) and Tajikistan (-3.8% points).

Earlier in February, the agency reported that Zimbabwe had the highest inflation in the world in 2022, accelerating the fastest there at the end of the year, from 61% to 244%. Sri Lanka was second and Argentina third in price momentum last year. The top ten also includes Turkey (+28 points) and Hungary (+17 points).

The study was conducted by RIA Novosti, based on data from the national statistical services of 193 UN member countries. The final sample included 156 countries reporting data for 2022 as of mid-February from seven regions of the world: Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Oceania, and South and North America.

Source: Ria

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