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Post: REC and REC Export School to launch “Finance for Girls” project


MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Export Center (part of VEB.RF) and REC’s Export School will launch a new project “Finance for Girls” this year to improve financial literacy. Federation Council, general director of the center Veronika Nikishin.

Nikishina said, “The Russian Export Center has created a complete work path to support women’s exports, including training, information and business support for female exporters. Finance for Girls is another such tool.”

According to him, “this is a unique product of face-to-face and online courses, as well as a separate study guide that will help you understand the basics of accounting and taxation, prepare a financial plan, conduct financial analysis, and decide from whom what kind of financial support will be provided.” .

“I believe this initiative can make the female segment of the business world more professional and successful,” said the REC president. said.

Exhibiting the projects of women exporters within the scope of awarding the winners of the Support Leaders competition.  Women in export at the Federation Council of the Russian Federation in Moscow - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/02/2023

REC: Awards given at the “Support the Leaders. Women in Exports” competition

To implement the project, a special section called “Finance for Girls” was created on the website of the REC Export School. There you can find all the necessary information about the project, and most importantly, enroll in “Finance for Girls” – a unique course for the Russian business community.

The course will start in July 2023 in a full-time format at the REC School of Export. Leading experts from key institutions and the REC Group were involved in its development to support and develop entrepreneurship and financial institutions. A financial textbook and a full-fledged online course for entrepreneurs will be published in the second half of the year. Materials will be available on the REC Export School website.

Source: Ria

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