Post: REC: Awards given at the “Support the Leaders. Women in Exports” competition

Exhibition of women exporters’ projects within the scope of awarding the winners of the “Support Leaders. Women in Exports” competition at the Federation Council of the Russian Federation in Moscow

MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. Export Support Centers (ETMs) of Bashkiria, Omsk and Ulyanovsk regions won the best in the competition “Leaders of Support. Women in Exports”, the winners were presented at a solemn ceremony at the Federation Council, according to the Russian Export Center (part of VEB). rewarded. .RF).

The best CPIs were determined in the nominations “Dynamics of participation in exports”, “New women’s exports” and “Creative participation”. The Federal Competition Commission evaluated CPE in terms of the scope of services provided by women entrepreneurs, the number of export contracts they have concluded with CPE’s support, and the content of activities that will involve entrepreneurs in their export activities.

In the nomination “Dynamics of participation in exports”, the CPE of the Republic of Bashkortostan became the best. Second and third places were taken by the Smolensk region and the Republic of Khakassia.

In the nomination “New Women’s Export” the Omsk Region Economic Development Center took the first place. The Republic of Bashkortostan and the Moscow region received silver and bronze medals.

“Women’s Cooperation in International Trade” Exhibition opened at the Federation Council

In the nomination “Creative Participation” CPE of the Ulyanovsk region was recognized as the best. The second and third places are taken by the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Moscow Region.

“The Federation Council has already gained the status of the main platform for dialogue with the women’s business community in Russia. This issue has traditionally been one of the central topics both at the Eurasian Women’s Forum and at other events held under the auspices of the chamber,” said Valentina Matvienko, head of the Federation Council. He drew attention to the participation of women in high-tech sectors.

For example, women in the electric power industry – 36%, in nuclear energy – about 32%. Similar indicators exist in many other industries. Research shows that one in five agritech startups is founded by women. More than a third of startups in sectors such as biotechnology and breeding technologies are started by women.

According to Matvienko, systemic business support was built at the state level in difficult conditions. The regulatory burden is being reduced and there are special programs to support women’s entrepreneurship. A spokesperson for the Federation Council said, “The issue of women’s inclusion in new technologies is given special attention in the New National Strategy for Action in the Interests of Women.”

Veronika Nikishina, CEO of the Russian Export Center JSC, and Valentina Matviyenko, President of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, are at an exhibition of women exporters’ projects as part of the “Support Leaders” award ceremony. Competition “Export” at the Federation Council of the Russian Federation in Moscow

“A characteristic feature of modern society as a whole has become the rapid participation of women in economic activity. Women’s business is distinguished by great creative power – a business created by women provides maximum social impact for society. As of January 2023, the number of women entrepreneurs is 6 million. “There are 43 percent of the total among entrepreneurs and self-employed. In commercial companies, about 40 percent are led by women. Businesses headed by women are increasingly turning to exports,” he said. Tatyana Ilyushnikova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, respectively.

He added that the REC has established a sustainable multi-level export system in Russia. “More than 60,000 of all SMEs are exporters. For small and medium enterprises, on the basis of the My Business business support infrastructure, Export Support Centers operate in the regions, which help entrepreneurs to export their products. The volume of non-commodity exports of the SME sector in Russia is about 19 percent. ‘Stop,’ he said.

“The number of small and medium-sized companies receiving services from ETM in the category of women’s entrepreneurship increased by 30 percent in the last year. In 2022, the share of small companies led by women and exporting for the first time increased by more than 100 percent. 21,7% to 23%. ,3. I am confident that the potential of women’s exports is far from exhausted and we see regions actively supporting our entrepreneurs. Today I congratulate the winners of the competition and I hope they will share it. Veronika Nikishina, Managing Director of REC, “has made her experience with others even more fruitful to work in this direction. ” said.

Nikishina: REC takes steps to improve global women’s cooperation

“We have been attaching great importance to the realization of our republic’s export potential for several years, and the Russian Export Center has been helping us a lot in this regard. I find it important that this competition draws attention to women’s entrepreneurship and women’s exports.” We actively support in the region. After all, entrepreneurs often do not have enough moral support to start conquering foreign markets. And the Export Support Center of the Republic offers really working federal and regional state support tools,” said Radiy Habirov, Bashkiria.

“The Omsk region occupies a leading position in the ranking of the implementation of export support standards. Among other things, I am sure that this is possible, because we actively involve regional entrepreneurs in the export agenda. Each new success, new export contract is not only in the leading companies of the business world, but also in the export journey. “It reinforces the self-confidence of all women starting out. This self-confidence inspires everyone around. I am pleased that our region, which supports women’s exports, is also among the leaders.” Alexander Burkov from the Omsk Region said in turn.

“The Ulyanovsk region continues to create an effective infrastructure to support exports. The sanctions here are not an obstacle for us, but even a kind of incentive for our development. One of the tasks was to promote women’s entrepreneurship. We approached this issue responsibly. I Region head Alexei Russkikh, I am glad that the efforts of the Ulyanovsk Region Export Support Center were rated so highly by the Russian Export Center, the Federation Council and the members of the competition commission.”

The head of the REC spoke about the means to support the export of “women” in Russia

The annual “Support Leaders. Women in Export” competition was created to replicate the best practices that support female entrepreneurship in exports among Russia’s topics. The decision to create SPIEF was made in 2022 and was supported by the Federation Council. The agreement on holding the competition on June 17, 2022 was signed by Matvienko and Nikishina. The Competition Commission included representatives of federal authorities, development agencies and business associations.

The “Dynamics of Export Involvement” nomination assesses the number of entrepreneurs applying to CPE to support their export activities. Moreover, it is not the number that matters, but the dynamics of women’s participation.

The “New Women’s Export” nomination evaluates the increase in the number of female exporters benefiting from ETC services and signing export contracts.

In the “Creative Engagement” nomination, the best campaign to include women entrepreneurs in exports is selected. Including – what innovative, creative approaches are used in organizing the event, attracting audiences, organizing and reporting.

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