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Post: REC: Russian juice “Fruktoline” appeared in supermarkets in central China


MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Apricot, peach, apple, mango, orange and multi-fruit juices and nectars of the Russian brand “Fruktoline” reached Central China and appeared on the shelves of Chinese supermarket chain “Mei and Jia” in Hunan province, according to the Russian Export Center. (REC is part of VEB .RF).

“The company first placed its products in the showroom of the agro-industrial complex in Shanghai, and then the goods appeared on the shelves in the regional discount network in one of the most densely populated provinces in China. Showroom network with Russian agriculture Russia as part of the national project “International cooperation and export” It is stated that the products abroad are opened by the Export Center (REC).

The first batch of juice and nectar “Fruktoline” appeared in stores in the second half of December. The REC showroom in Shanghai has timed this delivery to coincide with the time everyone in China is getting ready for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). The color of the Fructoline beverage packaging is red, and for the celebration, Chinese consumers try to buy products in this particular color as it symbolizes joy, prosperity and happiness.

“The fruit drinks in the bright red packaging were sold out in an instant,” says Zhao Kanja, representative of the REC operator in Shanghai.

International industry fair Innoprom-2021 - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09.11.2022

Russian exporters held more than 150 meetings at EXPO (CIIE) in China

Also, Kanja states that food from Russia is known in China as being environmentally friendly, free of harmful additives and chemical dyes, and this image as a whole helps increase sales.

Chingiz Ulzytuev, regional manager of Fruktoline company in China, confirmed that the Chinese consumer likes the national flavor and bright red packaging.

“We have been exhibiting at the Shanghai pavilion for over a year, for us this is the first sample supply under the REC government support program. We have used several of the services provided at the pavilion, including the display of products for tasting and the organization of negotiations with potential customers at a tourist location in Shanghai last year. Russian food products exhibition was held, including our brand “Frutik” as part of the “street market” project. This format is a good reason to express yourself In 2023 all covid restrictions are lifted in China, so other cities in China too We believe that these events, including

According to the results of the first batch of juice and beverage sales, the operator of the REC pavilion in Shanghai plans to increase the supply of Russian products, not only juices and nectars, to the Mei and Jia retail chain. “We are counting on the possibility of increasing both the number of Russian manufacturers and the names of goods on the shelves of the Chinese retail chain, the REC program is helping us a lot at the moment, because the main goal is to bring Russians to the Chinese market, increasing its exports every year,” he said.

JSC Russian Export Center (REC) logo - RIA Novosti, 1920, 26.12.2022

REC: Product sales from Russian Federation in showrooms abroad increased 10 times

Source: Ria

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