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Post: They taught buyers from China, India and UAE how to present products at Ugra


REC President Veronika Nikishina in a business game for entrepreneurs of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug on the features of intercultural communication – Yugra

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Export Center (part of VEB.RF) and the REC Export School held a business game for entrepreneurs of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra on the features of intercultural communication, the participants had to present their products at the fair. Taking into account the peculiarities of business communication in these countries, REC said that potential partners from China, India and the UAE are participating in the fair.

In the message, “The training event took place within the scope of the presentation of the joint project of the regional authorities and the REC New Export Group for the regional business world.”

REC, School of Export and My Business Yugra implement Export afterburner - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/10/2023

Russian Export Center, Export School and “My Business” Yugra launch “Fast and Furious Export”

The representatives of the companies were divided into three teams: “Exporters” (working at the booth), “Importers” (exhibition visitors) and “Observers”. They needed to simulate work in a real exhibition (as part of the Eurasian Economic Forum to be held in May 2023): to attract visitors to the exhibition, to present their products (wild berry jam) to potential buyers from China, India and India. United Arab Emirates and conducting initial negotiations. The study was evaluated by “Observers”.

“In 2022, the Russian Export Center paid special attention to promoting the products of domestic exporters in new markets. Both international exhibitions and trade missions have become one of the most effective tools for Russian companies to find new partners. At the same time, the REC Export School takes into account changes in priority foreign markets. , Africa and the Middle East,” said Veronika Nikishina, head of the REC.

“There are many unique companies in Yugra with high export potential, whose products can be in demand in many markets. The ability to successfully present such products at major international exhibitions is absolutely necessary not only for beginners, but also for experienced exporters. Khanty-Mansi Autonomous “It is important to consider the characteristics of consumers and businesses in different countries,” said Roman Genkel, Director of the Economic Development Department, Deputy Governor of Okrug.

Digital platform logo My Export - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06.03.2023

“My Export” will help you choose marketplaces to export digital products

“When creating negotiation tactics and choosing arguments, the national characteristics of the interlocutors, their psychology, habits, customs, hobbies should be taken into account. This will help you quickly find a common language with them. Knowledge of communication traditions and business ethics is correct for the possible behavior of the partner in creating negotiation tactics. can act as a kind of guide in understanding and evaluating it.Today, during the business game, Ugra entrepreneurs were able to try themselves in the role of presenters of their products.Alicia Nikitina, Managing Director of the REC Export School, said “the international fair and those who can be their buyers”.

The Russian Export Center (part of VEB.RF) provides support to companies within the framework of the national project “International Cooperation and Export”.

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