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Post: Why did the International Criminal Court issue an arrest warrant for Putin?


International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands. archive photo

The first and main thought that comes to mind in the news that the ICC has issued an “arrest” decision for the President of Russia and the Children’s Ombudsman of our country: why?! What is the meaning of this absurd and useless decision that deepens the discredit of the international organizations “privatized” by the West in the eyes of the world?

However, on thought, this step ceases to look ridiculous and fits quite organically into the events of the last days.

Vladimir Dzhabarov - RIA Novosti, 1920, 17.03.2023

Jabarov offered to liquidate the ICC

It was last week that processes that had been fermented in the previous period but were hardly noticed before, proclaimed themselves very loudly in the public arena.

First, the easing financial and economic crisis has started a new round in the West. After a difficult year, the impression was created that by winter the United States and Europe had managed to stabilize the situation in their economies. However, the sudden collapse of several major US banks, the rebound of entire industries and many other structures, showed that this was nothing more than an illusion and a short break, the calm before the storm. The process is developing, it will get bigger and worse.

Secondly, several important events have taken place this week that show that the non-Western world is no longer carefully distancing itself from the West in its anti-Russian policy, but is already in a completely open rush to free itself from Russia. its dependence on critical areas. And it also allows for extremely sharp attacks on itself.

Here, it is useful to mention two of the most striking examples of recent days. For example, the very plight of the legendary Swiss bank Credit Suisse turned out to be exacerbated by the fact that Chinese and other foreign investors fled from it after the bank froze a number of Russian assets. And Saudi Arabian Energy Minister said that in case of an attempt to impose a ceiling price on Saudi oil, his country will cut production sharply and completely stop selling oil to anyone involved in the process.

Swiss bank Credit Suisse - RIA Novosti, 1920, 16.03.2023

US says Credit Suisse’s problems are isolated

It is easy to see the similarities between these two seemingly completely different events: in both cases, representatives of the non-Western world (both individuals and entire states) perceive the anti-Russian realm of the West as a direct and immediate threat to them. are next. But they are not trying to appease the global offensive hegemon, they are on active defense, snarling and preparing to resist.

In light of what’s going on for the non-Western world, Putin’s “arrest warrant” is not a threat but further proof that the West has completely lost its shores and emerged from the depths in desperate attempts to maintain elusive power.

For all the corruption of the Western order, it is unlikely to go unnoticed on both sides of the Atlantic.

So, to whom is the ICC decision directed?

The answer is simple: to the West itself.

President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov - RIA Novosti, 1920, 17.03.2023

Kadyrov said the ICC bowed under the overseas master

In a situation that is aggravating and threatening with the most formidable socio-economic disasters, it is critical for transatlantic elites to maintain control over their home countries. And the problem isn’t just for very large audiences. Now we see how they successfully ignore popular discontent, whether it’s health workers’ strikes in England, protests against pension reform in France, or “wrong” election results in the Netherlands.

No, the main task of the Atlanticists is to prevent the seizure of power by some of the Western elites who believe that the West is headed for disaster and can change policy in America and Europe by relying on popular support. This means that potential “renegades” must be tightly controlled and forced to keep up in an intimidating fashion.

And just for the fulfillment of this task, the “order” of the ICC works for five plus. Because of course they can’t get Putin just like Xi, Erdogan or Modi. But current and potential leaders and satellite vassals of the United States – if suddenly these missions are the “wrong” people trying to change their country’s policy under the guidance of national interests – now or in the future – they must know for certain that there are no brakes and that the global order that rules the West no longer has boundaries. . And they will have to pay personally and dearly for their attempted disobedience.

Foreign Ministry building - RIA Novosti, 1920, 17.03.2023

Zakharova commented on the decisions of the ICC on the “arrest” of Putin and Lvova-Belova

Source: Ria

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