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Post: Innovative projects attract young Emiratis


Rem Al Buraiki (Abu Dhabi)

Innovative projects that aim to find alternative solutions to serve society and provide a more comfortable and developed life, with return on investment for their owners, have had great repercussions among a wide segment of young citizens.
Government support helps to increase citizens’ orientation towards the innovation sector through specialized universities and research centers that qualify their students to invest in the innovation sector, providing a media package provided by the government and the private sector. Institutions that support youth projects.
Several innovative Emirati projects have emerged in recent times, leaving their mark on the sector and prompting many young people to get involved in the investment sector and use the products of their minds in a way that benefits society and boosts their business. Their confidence, skill and the work they do provide them with a steady source of income.

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broad sector
Sheikha Al-Kaabi, an “innovator in the agricultural sector”, says: “The innovative projects have recently attracted the attention of a wide segment of young citizens, as they provide us with a new perspective on the challenges that may arise in the agricultural sector. the inversion. It is the result of rapid changes in lifestyle, technology and high prices.”
Al-Kaabi added that innovative projects serve the local economy because they provide the sector with real information on the ground and accessible alternatives to overcome challenges that projects may face at startup, leveraging existing resources. A way to increase productivity.
Al-Kaabi said that the best areas for innovation projects are currently limited to projects that cater to the environment, including the sustainable energy sector and green spaces.

new solutions
In turn, Rashid Al Jasmi, “university student and innovator”, explained that the innovation sector is currently considered one of the most important investment sectors, due to its differentiation in technological development and the discovery of new and differentiating solutions. The UAE has always been active and prominent in the development of this sector and has been developing it by offering innovation opportunities for all generations. Unknown ideas and their support, as well as the state offering opportunities for investors in the emerging project sector. .
Al Jasmi said, “I believe that innovation has become the locomotive of sustainable development programs and contributes to the revival of the economic movement, supporting people’s lives and providing energies and financial opportunities that could otherwise be wasted, and embodies this deep belief. The experience presented to the public by this active sector”.

Source: Al Ittihad

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