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Post: 5 ways to participate in new IPOs


Hossam Abdel Nabi (Dubai)

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IPO banks operating in the country offer 5 easy and fast ways to register for corporate IPOs: IPO platform, online banking, mobile banking, ATMs and bank branches.
Investors wishing to participate in this public offering can register for the IPO through the bank’s IPO platform, even if they are not bank customers, where they can complete the registration and transfer the amount immediately through the payment portal or by bank transfer. The steps to participate in the IPO through online banking include 8 steps: log in to online banking, click on payment and transfer, select the option “subscriber payment” and enter the number For private investor, select the corrector, followed by the entry . Enter the desired amount, verify with the verification code, then the subscription order confirmation and reference number will appear. As for the steps to sign up for a subscription through Mobile Banking services, they include logging into the Mobile Banking application, going to “Payments” and selecting Public Offer, selecting the desired account and subscription name from the list of accounts. On the “Subscription Details” screen, select the Category/Segment, enter the Private Investor Number, accept the “Terms and Conditions”, specify the broker name and subscription amount on the Payment Details screen and confirm the details via the order summary, verifying the payment process through the verification code, and finally, the investor receives an IPO payment confirmation with reference number and application number. In addition, the IPO registration process is done through ATMs in simple steps, i.e. insert the debit card and personal identification number, select the IPO registration option on the main screen and the subscribed company name, enter the investor number, select the account from which you want to withdraw and enter the amount to be paid, install it, specify the broker and confirm the subscription order and your reference number.
In particular, the subscriptions now available include the Al Ansari Financial Services group, which has announced that it will offer 750 million shares, representing 10% of the group’s capital, at a price ranging from AED 1.03 to AED 1.03 per share. , because the subscription period for individual investors is extended until March 23, and for professional investors until March 24. Depending on the price range of the offer, the minimum dividend yield will be between 7.77% and 8% until 2023, as the group aims to distribute at least Dh600 million in 2023 profits and will be paid equally in two. Phases in October 2023 and April 2024.
The subscription of 1,359 million shares of Presite, a subsidiary of the G42 Group, which specializes in AI-driven big data analysis, started on March 13 and represents 32% of the capital prior to the offer and 24.24% of it share capital. Cash as of the date of publication. Prezit said that the subscription is intended for two tranches, the first being for common investors, and 168.4 million shares are allocated, representing 12.4% of the shares offered. It was awarded, representing 87.6% of the shares offered, the minimum subscription requirement for this tranche is one million dirhams and there is no maximum.

Source: Al Ittihad

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