Post: Showroom helps Russian exporters hit the shelves of 10 supermarkets in Egypt

Showroom in Cairo helps exporters from the Russian Federation enter the shelves of 10 supermarkets in Egypt

MOSCOW, March 20 – RIA Novosti. The CEO of Russia Exports said that the promotion and tasting pavilion of Russian agricultural products in Cairo helps domestic exporters put their goods on the shelves of the 10 largest retail chains in Egypt and sign contracts with more than 15 distributors operating in Africa. Center (VEB.RF group) Veronika Nikishina.

“The Russian Export Center opened a showroom in Cairo in 2021. It now offers the goods of 28 Russian manufacturers, which ship flour, confectionery, chocolate, dairy products, cereals, drinks and more to Egypt and other countries. Some companies have already signed contracts. Supply to retail chains and distributors, the rest is negotiating and is ready to expand the supply of Made in Russia products, including to the African continent,” Nikishina said during the visit of Denis Manturov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation. Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Russian Export Center helps domestic companies to promote their products abroad. In 2017, a promotional program was created with the promotion and tasting pavilions of the agricultural industry complex abroad. The first such pavilion opened in China more than five years ago, now they also operate in Vietnam, Egypt and the UAE, appeared in Turkey in December last year and is about to open in Saudi Arabia.

These showrooms provide exporters with a free infrastructure to promote their products and introduce them to consumers. This means that participants in the support program can display products on the shelves for free, there are free warehouses, stands for equipment and demonstration samples.

Good Food Russia showrooms abroad will be filled with goods from five more companies

In addition, REC offers tastings, promotions, project initiation in social networks, etc. in large retail chains. It promotes its products for free. In 2022, Russian exporters sold 10 times more products than in 2021 through pavilions in China, Vietnam, Egypt and the UAE.

More information on how to become a member and apply for the promotion program through the demonstration and tasting pavilions of the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Export Center can be found on the REC website.

Source: Ria

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