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Post: On March 20, Gazprom delivered a record amount of gas to China through the Power of Siberia.


Gas pipeline in the Amur region. archive photo

On March 20, Gazprom set a historic record in the supply of gas to China through the Siberian Power.

MOSCOW, March 21 – RIA Novosti. In a statement from the company, it was stated that China’s offer for gas supply through Siberia Power on March 20 significantly exceeded its obligations under the contract, and therefore Gazprom set a new daily record. telegraph channel.

“On March 20, the Chinese side’s bid for the supply of Russian gas through the Siberian Power gas pipeline significantly exceeded its daily contractual obligations. Gazprom delivered the requested volumes and set a new historical record for daily gas supply to China,” the publication said. broke it.” .

The volume of the application is not given.

Gazprom’s exports to non-CIS countries in 2022 amounted to 100.9 billion cubic meters of gas, which is 45.5% (84.2 billion cubic meters) lower than in 2021. Deliveries to Europe last year were halted along the main route Nord Stream and the balancing route Yamal-Europe, tripled through the Ukrainian gas transmission system, but increased in the Asian direction to China via Siberian Power.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping (left) during a meeting - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023

Putin and Xi to continue ‘long march’

Source: Ria

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