Ovchinsky: Moscow company invested 200 million rubles in pipe production

Vladislav Ovchinsky, Head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy (DIPP)
Vladislav Ovchinsky, Head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy (DIPP). archive photo

MOSCOW, March 22 – RIA Novosti. Vladislav Ovchinsky, head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy (DIPP), said that the capital’s Poliplastics Group has invested more than 200 million rubles in the production of import-substituting high-strength pipes.

He noted that a favorable investment climate has been created in the city, in connection with which the capital’s enterprises are actively expanding production, creating new areas and investing in scientific activities. This allows you to create jobs, upgrade infrastructure and thus solve problems of technological dominance.

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“Thus, the metropolitan manufacturer organized the production of new imported-substituted PVC-O pipes of its own design, 97% of which are based on domestic components. The products have high wear resistance, impact resistance, and are also resistant to cuts, scratches and impacts. Chemically active substances The company’s investments in creating new production have exceeded 200 million rubles.

The new production was launched on March 21 at the Novomoskovsk Polymer Pipe Plant, which is part of the Poliplastic group of companies. Two modern production lines are capable of producing more than 500 kilometers of pipes per year.

“Through the enterprise’s research and production activities, import-substituted polymer pipe products enter the market, opening up new opportunities to create pressure pipelines for water supply, sewage, irrigation systems, fire-fighting water supply and technical pipelines. Andrey, director of development of the PVC project of Polyplastic Group Tolmachev said:

He explained that the pipes made of PVC-O pipes are six meters long and 110-400 millimeters in diameter. The pipes are not subject to corrosion and retain their properties at temperatures from -40˚С to +80˚С, their expected service life is more than 100 years.

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