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Post: Instructions to Putin to use paper packaging instead of plastic


Women with plastic bags. archive photo

Putin instructs to increase use of disposable paper packaging to reject plastic

MOSCOW, March 23 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed to take measures to increase the share of disposable paper packaging use by the population to abandon plastic products. assignment Published on the Kremlin website.

“To the Government of the Russian Federation: to take measures that ensure the improvement of the production and processing of certain types of cellulose …, including to meet the needs of the military-industrial complex; an increase in the denominator population, organizations of the food and processing industry, organizations in the trade and hotel industry – by the restaurant business use of disposable paper (cardboard) containers, packaging, kitchen utensils to leave plastic products” instruction reads.

The report must be submitted by 1 June 2023. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was appointed responsible for the execution of the order.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade on Tuesday reported that the country is working to limit the circulation of plastic products to reduce the damage done to the environment.

Plastic cup - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023

The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed banning the import of plastic goods

Source: Ria

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