Post: Greek DEPA pays Gazprom for April gas deliveries

Complex for the preparation and transportation of export gas in Krasnodarskaya CS. archive photo

Greek company DEPA pays Gazprom for April gas supply

ATHENS, May 23 – RIA Novosti. Greek gas company DEPA has concluded agreements with Gazprom for the natural gas supply in April, the payment was made in euros, Athens News Agency reported. AMNA.

“Payment was made in accordance with the European Commission’s May 19 instructions, with full assurance that the international sanctions framework and European Union resolutions will not be violated,” AMNA said. Said.

“Continuing cooperation with the Greek authorities, in accordance with cooperation with Gazprom, the payment was made in euros and was completely safe,” the agency said. Said.

On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that gas supply payments will be transferred to rubles to EU countries and other countries taking restrictive measures against Russia. He then signed a corresponding decree, saying that if “hostile” countries do not pay in rubles from April 1, Russia will consider it a default in gas contracts.

According to the new plan, Gazprombank opens special currency and ruble accounts for foreign buyers to pay for gas. The buyer will be able to transfer money to the first account for the supply of “blue fuel” in the currency specified in the contract, the bank will sell it on the Moscow Stock Exchange, after which the buyer will receive rubles for the gas account and pay it with the gas supplier – Gazprom.

The Greek government and the main natural gas importers (DEPA Commerce, Mytilineos, Prometheus Gas) awaited the decision of the European Commission before accepting the new payment plan.

Source: Ria

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