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Post: The agony of western finance crawled unnoticed


Dollar bills at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth. archive photo

The head of the IMF made a subtle allusion to the difficult conditions. uncertainty continues stressed Kristalina Georgieva is “at a very high level” because “the fear of splitting the world into new geopolitical blocs at war will lead to an economic and ruthless rivalry between them.” Well, it’s clear that “poverty will affect everyone”.

The contrast between the IMF chief’s statements and the statements of Macron and Scholz two days ago on the “stability of European banks and the European financial system” could not have been more striking. Words about stability had to be nearly clamped down from the German chancellor and the French president, as Deutsche Bank shares were flying down at supersonic speed on exactly the same day. As head of the Ministry of Finance under Merkel, Scholz couldn’t help but know that the “profitable bank” (that’s his expression) has lost everything in the world – just as Mr. Olaf is currently reassuring, from capitalization to investor confidence, “everything is fine, beautiful Marquis” gave.

No stranger to the world of finance, Macron decided to act as the backing vocalist and sang the same song. In general, everything is fine, you should not worry, the French leader assured the people.

However, the European financial system, which is connected both by almost the same blood circulation with American banks and with Swiss institutions of similar profile, begins to take a storm. And the higher the waves will be, the more the inflation wheel will spin. The European Central Bank is trying to rein in this, which (theoretically) should somehow let everyone know that the era of “cheap money” (minimum interest rates on loans) is over. Governments are caught up in pouring millions of euros into the economy and now have to rethink how they plan for tomorrow.

In the absence of Russian energy resources, raw materials, contrary to popular belief, a large Russian market with a high purchasing power of the population, and most importantly, this market was very large, willing to consume. And consumed. Very, willingly, with pleasure. In fact, that’s why when the EU took severely restrictive measures against Russia, it was the big league bankers and qualified financiers who said it “shouldn’t have” done so. Advice (and among the warnings included the Deutsche Bank chairman) went unheard. Pan-European politicians living in a reporting day thought that if there was no hell in finance and banking then, then it never would be. However, the monetary system is subject to other laws and has begun to slap the continental economy.

President Vladimir Putin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 26.03.2023

“Irreparable Damage”. Putin’s remarks on the dollar cause panic in the US Congress

Non-EU Switzerland forced He spent about 50 billion francs to save Credit Suisse. For comparison, the GDP of the Alpine Confederation is 800 billion francs. Bern handed Credit Suisse into the hands of another bank, USB, to prevent the domino effect. Everyone knew that Credit Suisse’s accounting had not been trusted for the past eight years. Investment manager Patrice Lescaudron has stolen hundreds of millions of clients’ money (including wealthy Russians). I falsified the reports with Photoshop, painted over the numbers, and Credit Suisse turned a blind eye. Lescaudron was put on trial (they managed to prove the theft itself, but the bank management escaped punishment) and was sent to prison.

When production falls, inflation rises, a recession sets in, when unemployment fills the labor market, which includes not just blue-robed but high-paid white-collar workers, officials both nationally and globally see it as annoying buzz. A fly. They speak of the “cyclical development of the economy” and the recession “immediately followed by growth”.

US banknotes - RIA Novosti, 1920, 26.03.2023

“Helicopter money” played a cruel joke on the dollar

But when banks start to falter, the margin call begins to ring for globalists. This is a clear threat warning that what is achieved through “overwork” will evaporate when deposits and accounts are not replenished. At avalanche speed. The psychotherapy of Scholz and Macron in Brussels is about that. To reassure investors. So they protect their trust remnants and continue to buy bonds and stocks – and not only do they require the ledgers to be opened, they also do an independent audit.

But investors are not stupid either, and if banks with their main turnover in the main reserve currencies are surprising, they understand that it is better to transfer assets gradually, slowly and carefully to where the authorities keep their finances under control.

Only one Lehman Brothers bankruptcy 15 years ago sparked a planetary crisis. What if three, four, five banks crash? And even in the current geopolitical conflict conditions? What is clear is the end of not only the Western political system, but also the financial foundation on which it stands. And the suffering will be unbearable.

Russian President Vladimir Putin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 25.03.2023

Putin says Russia does not encroach on dollar

Source: Ria

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