Small volume purchases from SMEs doubled to RUB 375 billion in 2022

Banknotes and coins - RIA Novosti, 1920, 27.03.2023

MOSCOW, March 27 – RIA Novosti. According to the SME Corporation (KMSP), which monitors the procurement sector, the total amount of small-scale purchases (up to 500 thousand rubles) of organizations with state participation under 223-FZ almost doubled in 2022, exceeding 375 billion rubles.

As noted by Alexander Isaevich, Director General of KMSP, the interest of small and especially micro enterprises in the mechanism of small-scale purchasing is due to simplified requirements for them and the absence of unnecessary bureaucracy. In this way, even entrepreneurs and self-employed people who have just started their own businesses can become suppliers.

“For convenience, we aggregate purchases of the largest and regional customers from 78 electronic platforms and corporate online stores on the MSP.RF Digital Platform. More than 2,800 contracts have been signed through the platform for a total of about 4.1 billion rubles. In fact, products and small business services We have created a new sales market for

Most often used by entrepreneurs engaged in service, retail and wholesale trade (33.1%), construction (10.5%), computer software development (5.2%) and architecture for small-volume purchases in SME.RF . and engineering design (3.5%).

Sales and partner search service launched on the MSP.RF platform

SME.RF’s services and products have been used more than 1.8 million times

Currently, state-owned companies are required to purchase at least 25 percent of the total volume from small and medium-sized enterprises. These norms apply to all state-owned companies with a total number of approximately 20,000. Monitoring of compliance with the determined quota is carried out by KOBI A.Ş. done by.

The “Small Supply Showcase” service was launched in April 2022 on the MSP.RF Digital Platform, created as part of the national project “Small and Medium Enterprise” under the supervision of First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov. The report says the service was created in partnership with the largest customers and electronic commerce platforms.

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