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Post: Central Bank talked about special deposits for low-income people


The building of the Central Bank of Russia in Moscow. archive photo

Central Bank completes coordination of deposit parameters for those with income below subsistence level

MOSCOW, March 28 – RIA Novosti. In a statement to the press service of RIA Novosti, it was said that the Bank of Russia has terminated the parameters of deposits for low-income people, when creating the registration of such citizens, the deposit will be available to people with incomes below the subsistence level. your regulator.

“Now we are completing the coordination of certain parameters of the private contribution, information exchange mechanisms using the information systems of the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Labor, as well as the criteria for buyers of this service. The Bank of Russia is on the way to the creation of a full register of low-income citizens, the average income per capita of the subsistence level. We have agreed with the Ministry of Labor to provide the opportunity to register social contributions to citizens under

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According to the Central Bank, citizens whose average per capita income is below the subsistence level include one-time benefits for children, retirees who receive social assistance for pensions, and citizens who receive state assistance under a social contract.

“The main idea of ​​such a contribution is that while banks take on new customers, low-income people have the opportunity to create a cushion of safety for long-term goals,” the regulator said.

At the same time, the concept of the law on social contributions was supported by the government (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Digital and Labor), and representatives of the State Duma, Bank of Russia concluded.

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