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Post: Szijjarto spoke with Deputy Prime Minister Novak about the results of the negotiations


Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations. archive photo

Szijjarto: Deputy Prime Minister Novak assured that Russia will continue to provide oil and gas to Hungary

BUDAPEST, 28 March – RIA Novosti. In a statement after meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that oil and gas supplies from Russia to Hungary would continue uninterrupted despite the sanctions.

“We agreed that all deliveries of both oil and gas would be carried out in accordance with the contracts without interruption. Alexander Novak assured that the Russian side could complete the repair work on the TurkStream despite the sanctions, so that Hungary’s gas supply will be on Szijjarto Facebook* in the next period. It will be uninterrupted,” he wrote.

Earlier on Tuesday, March 28, Szijjarto said in a phone call with Novak that he had assured his Russian counterpart that the Hungarian government would continue to circumvent sanctions on nuclear energy.

* The activity of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) is banned in Russia for extremism.

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Peter Szijjarto - RIA Novosti, 1920, 22.03.2023

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Source: Ria

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