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Post: YaNAO Governor approves the introduction of new support measures for entrepreneurs


Dmitry Artyukhov, Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. archive photo

EKATERINBURG, 24 May – RIA Novosti. According to the press service of the regional governor, the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YaNAO) Dmitry Artyukhov approved the introduction of new support measures for Yamal entrepreneurs.

The governor held a meeting at the crisis-fighting headquarters. During the meeting, a number of issues related to increasing the stability of the region’s economy in the face of external sanctions were discussed. One of the most important issues was the support of entrepreneurs. Since March, the first package of anti-crisis measures for small businesses is in effect in Yamal. For a number of taxes – Unified Agricultural Tax, the simplified tax system, PSN, transport and land taxes, and property tax – it included a six-month deferment, deferral on loans in the My Business center, and preferential loan products – at 7.5. % for trade in remote districts and 9.5% for other entrepreneurs. At the meeting, the second package of measures was presented to the governor.

“The Governor supported the introduction of new support measures. Necessary changes will be made to the regulatory framework in the near future,” the report says.

Therefore, in accordance with the Tax Code, it is recommended to postpone the payment of a number of taxes for six months from the date of payment. In this case, the transferred amount can be paid in equal installments within six months, not all at once. The installment will affect the simplified tax system and the combined agricultural tax for 2021, advance payments for the first quarter and half of 2022, and transport, land and corporate tax under these special regimes. More than 17,000 SME representatives will be able to benefit from the measure. A similar deferral of advance payments is proposed for the second quarter of 2022 for socially oriented nonprofits.

In addition, it is planned to provide entrepreneurs trading in the Tazovsky, Yamalsky, Krasnoselkupsky and Shuryshkarsky districts with a postponement of rental payments for property and plots of municipal and district property from June 1 to December 31.

In addition, measures to reduce administrative barriers for fuel and energy companies in the development of fields have been proposed: removal of permits for the construction or reconstruction of facilities for the construction of boreholes, and the reconstruction of on-farm roads that are not adjacent to public roads. Officials say this will reduce the start-up time by 100 days.

Source: Ria

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