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Post: Mintsifra wants to transfer state-owned companies to domestic software by 2025


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Ministry of Digital Development may force state-owned companies to switch entirely to Russian software by 2025

MOSCOW, April 19 – RIA Novosti. President Maksut Shadayev said that the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation proposes to set a condition in the guidelines for state-owned companies for the transition to fully domestic software by 2025 in areas where there are mature IT solutions and where there is competition. your ministry.

“For mature products, we can still set a very understandable indicator in the directives for state-owned companies, which by 2025 should actually equal 100%. It seems to us that there is already preparation here and the products are generally good, there are competitive positions in many areas. So here, it seems to us that demand can be further increased by the introduction of these target positions.”

According to him, there are quite difficult directives for state-owned companies on the transition to Russian solutions. “There is now a single figure – 70% of the volume of spending should fall on Russian programs, software and hardware solutions. So we believe that for systems-wide solutions with high maturity – one, where there is competition – two. Shadayev will recommend a 100 percent transition there,” said Shadayev. We can identify additional indicators,” he said.

Electronic components - RIA Novosti, 1920, 18.04.2023

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