Post: Austrian prime minister announces plan to combat rising prices

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Austrian Chancellor Nehammer presented his plan to combat high inflation in the country

VIENNA, May 10 – RIA Novosti. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer presented a plan to combat high inflation in the country.

Earlier, the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, citing a study and comments from the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs, reported that prices for the same products in Austrian supermarkets were 13% higher than in Germany.

After discussing the package of measures against inflation in the Council of Ministers, he told reporters, “Today, the Council of Ministers took a series of measures. I will enumerate the four most important points from my point of view.” The broadcast was made on the website of the Prime Ministry.

Thus, Nehammer announced that it plans to lower energy prices by tightening measures against companies’ excess profits and extending the 90% tax cut on electricity and natural gas consumption for another six months. In addition, transparency in energy prices will be increased, including a monthly smart meter billing system.

Karl Nehammer - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/10/2023

Austrian prime minister threatens energy companies with higher taxes

The second measure, as stated by the Chancellor, will be to increase transparency on food and food waste. The Austrian government plans to financially support the distribution of non-commercial food to those in need by allocating 10 million euros for this.

Nehammer called the endpoints of the plan tightening antitrust laws through federal tax freezes and reducing inflation at the state level.

Previously, the Austrian government had taken large-scale measures to reduce prices in the country by around 5 billion euros. According to experts, the main driver of inflation is high tariffs in the energy sector, which is accompanied by strong inflation in the services sector, especially tourism.

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